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Business Profile:

Since its founding in K. T Ouseph in 1967, St. Thomas shock absorber, Recondition service, Inc. has become the leading shock absorber Recondition service in Thrissur and Kerala, with offices in 12 cities all over Kerala. The company expanded its operations in 1983 with the construction and started Engineering Works, Fabrication and patch works of new site. 2rd expansion in 2012 for stating the Trading diviton, and 2014 stated the Electric scooter Dealership, now 2018 we are starting electric Auto dealership at Thrissur. The Company News section contains recent company press releases and articles from regional and national news sources, when available.

Company News:

St. Thomas Groups Of concerns started the branch at Triprayer October 22st, 2016. With market conditions expected to see record demands in numerous cities throughout India over the next ten years, and new products longing April 2018….

“Company Expands Production in Kerala,” Daily News, April 1, 2013. STTS chief Alex has announced new product longing in India in the Brand name of PERFECT. states of Thrissur, which are expected to add several hundred new jobs to the region…. The Industry Information section provides a look at overall industry structure, current conditions, key players, future developments, as well as background perspective on the products produced.

Perfect shock absorber
Perfect coil springs
Perfect coolant

Industry Information:

The following document provides industry information.

Industry Snapshot: Lathe Machines, Drilling Machines, Grinding machines, Hydraulic press. The primary markets for Perfect shock absorber…

Background and Development:

The first market opportunities for commercial Appa shock absorber began with the Automobile industry, development of high performance Perfect shock absorber. In 2013, shock absorbers were estimated at Rs. 10 billion In 2012-2018, the market had increased to Rs. 60 billion, due to improved…

Current Conditions:

  • Hero Electric scooter Dealer at Thrissur.
  • kinatik Electric auto Dealer at Thrissur.

Thrissur remains the leading supplier of shock absorber. The Indian Automobile market is the primary target…

Although employment in the industry has declined steadily during the 2000s, there are an estimated 30 people employed in the reconstituted St. Thomas Group of concerns, led by the states of Kerala…

The Key Processes section provides an introduction to the basic manufacturing processes used within the industry, including important technology and equipment. This description is limited to manufacturing companies or divisions employing one or two key processes to produce their products.

Key Processes:
Advanced technology and processing have improved the quality of Shock absorber. These include innovations in shock absorber preparation, assembling, press technology, welding and testing techniques.
Hero electric scooter and kinatik Electric auto