Green Electric Auto

Kinetic Green Electric Auto (Battery operated auto)

Kinetic Green,  India’s largest manufacturer of government approved electric three-wheeler vehicles, has launched its first electric three-wheeler with advanced lithium ion battery. Though the vehicle with the new battery is currently being homologated, a pilot batch is scheduled to be launched within 30 days. Currently most electric three wheelers, such as eRickshaws, use lead acid battery that is not only heavier and has a short life but also takes longer to charge. While th…e lithium ion battery solution will cost around ₹ 55,000 to ₹ 60,000 more than the Lead acid version, the company says the extra costs can be offset by benefits such as longer battery life and faster charging. 

Ms. Sulajja Firodia Motwani, Founder & CEO, Kinetic Green Energy and Power Solutions, said, “Kinetic Green’s affordable e-Three Wheeler ‘Kinetic Safar’ is a sincere effort to provide pollution free green mode of safe transportation in the country. Safar is well engineered with a strong chassis and all steel body and has been approved by Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) to meet all government safety norms as per Central Motor Vehicle Rules (CMVR). With introduction Of Lithium Ion Battery technology, we are bringing the latest in technology to our users and ensuring long battery life up to five years, lower maintenance and higher earning ability for the drivers.”

Lead acid batteries typically need to be replaced every year and weigh nearly 120 kg for an e Rickshaw application. In contrast, lithium ion batteries offer several benefits including:

  • High energy density: Leads to low weight thereby allowing the vehicle to operate for more kilometers between charges
  • Fast charging due to high charge acceptance: The charging time for lead acid batteries is 8-10 hours whereas the same capacity Li-Ion batteries can be charged in only 1.5-3 hours.
  • Long life: The typical life of lead acid batteries is 360 cycles. Li-ion cells have a life of 1500 cycles (NMC) & 3000 Cycles (LeFePo4) i.e. a life of up to 5 years.
  • Low self-discharge: If the vehicle is not used for some time its charge status remain same

e. Low maintenance: Li-ion cell, unlike lead acid or Ni cad, do not need maintenance to ensure their performance Kinetic Green is also planning to explore other models such as battery rental, battery swapping, and creation of charging points to further aid the cause and penetration of this technology